What I like to photograph most is the natural world around me. Landscape photography – that’s what I love! But it’s not just panoramic shots of the countryside which I try to capture – though there are plenty of incredible views in the exquisite Wiltshire landscape where I live, and I do try to do them justice with my photographs – it’s the patterns in nature that grab my attention. It’s the lines and the shapes.

Lines like the tractor tracks through a field of oilseed rape ….

Yellow is the colour of Spring in Wiltshire

Yellow is the Colour of Spring in Wiltshire

Oilseed rape is a relatively “new” crop to the United Kingdom, it certainly wasn’t a feature of agricultural life when I was growing up. But now, it’s everywhere, and I for one love it! In the morning light, like the shot above, which I took on my drive to work, when it’s bright and “zingy”; or in the light of the setting sun, when it’s golden and warm, like this shot from Salisbury Plain …

the way through the field of gold

The Way Through the Field of Gold

Or stripes of colour in new, bright green crops ….

114 Pictures in 2014  #43. Stripes


Then of course there are the ploughed furrows leading the eye to the next hedgerow ….

wide wale corduroy

Wide Wale Corduroy

– these are some of the straight(ish) lines I love!

There are so many other lines all around – the aforementioned hedgerows, byways and roads, strip lynchets and fences – these are all part of the countryside that make my shutter finger leap into action. But I shall leave those to another day ….

If you’d like to see more of my leading lines, you can take a look at my Flickr page and search for “lines”.



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