I have always wanted to be creative and artistic, rather than just brainy! But I can’t draw or paint. I do make rather lovely pots, it must be said 🙂 !
A few years ago, I was given the opportunity to do a short photography course, and from Day One, when they gave us disposable cameras to mess around with and find our feet, I was hooked! Here was a way to create pictures.
I started out with a Canon SLR (paid for from the proceeds of me and my fellow photography students actually selling our work!), but found that I simply couldn’t afford the processing. (I still have a shoe box full of wet film, which one day, when I have more money, I may splash out and develop!)
In 2011, my best friend, my inspiration, and the man who is now my husband, persuaded me to go digital. He also persuaded me to join flickr and get my photos out there!  I’m now following him into the blogosphere, and, if I get even braver, I may even start sharing some of my words and poems too!
From that first inspiring “nudge”, I have never looked back, and I just can’t stop taking photos!
In 2013, I married my best friend, and he bought me a Sony A58 as a wedding present. Now that we’re both Sony-heads, I can share his lenses (Sigma, Vivitar, Minolta), and I am learning more and more, with his patient help! He has recently moved on to an A99, and I’ve moved up to A850, and I’m getting more and more hooked all the time.
I love photography! I love landscapes. I love finding lines and patterns in nature. I love this beautiful land I now live in.

I’m starting to learn about post-processing and I’m enjoying playing around with Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

I hope you’ll all enjoy it too!



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